Our repair shop is located in Southern California in the beautiful city of Newport Beach.
We are open Monday through Friday (Saturday by appointment) between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.
Our address is:
JetWorks Watercraft Performance
27324 Camino Capistrano Unit 148
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
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Service and Repair
JetWorks Service and Repair Workshop With over 25 years of experience, we specialize in the maintenance and repair for all brands of watercraft. We use the latest computer diagnostic equipment to ensure a quick and accurate evaluation - free estimates are available.

Our experienced and certified technicians handle all PWC tasks from annual services, tune ups and fluid exchanges, up to complete and complex engine rebuilds... and everything in between.

For the watercraft enthusiast, we carry a large inventory of high performance parts and products to help you get the most out of your watercraft. Our technicians will help work with you and help you understand what upgrades and modifications will yield the best performance results.

Here at Jetworks, we offer our customers a commitment to the highest quality of work that will be performed in a timely manner. When you bring your watercraft to us, we do our best to care for it as if your watercraft were our own.

Our regular services include:
  • pre-purchase inspections
  • regular maintenance services
  • winterization/summarizations
  • top end rebuilds
  • full engine rebuilds
  • watercraft fiberglass repairs
  • custom jetting/tuning
  • race porting and other performance work
Our Services
Annual tune up services include all the necessary manufactures required maintenance to ensure your watercraft will run at optional performance, extending the life of your craft.
Watercraft tune-ups are recommended after every 30 hours of riding time. Service includes changing or cleaning the fuel filter, replacing spark plugs, engine compression testing, carburetor adjustment, filling oil tank, greasing zerk fittings, grease PTO (Power Take Off), changing pump fluid (Sea-Doo models), adjusting and lubing all cables, tightening nuts, bolts, and clamps.
Did you know that elevation effects the performance of your personal watercraft? If you want the highest levels of efficiency and speed from your jet ski, a carb tuning is highly recommended before operating your watercraft at higher elevations.
Jet Ski Carburetor rebuilds for personal watercraft vary depending on application. Kit charges and replacement parts will apply.
PWC's are required to have jet pump serviced on a regular basis. Sea-Doo jet pumps have a sealed, oil-filled impeller shaft which requires oil change every 30 to 50 hours. Failure to have this service performed regularly results in costly watercraft repairs.
Hydrostatic lock, hydraulic lock or hydro lock occurs when liquids, typically water, enter an engine cylinder. You can hydro lock a jet ski engine by flipping or sinking a machine in the waters and then cranking the engine several times trying to start the engine. This process will bring water up the exhaust system filling the crankcase with water. Because water does not compress, the engine becomes locked up.

The best way to remove a hydro lock is to take your PWC to our qualified watercraft repair service center in Newport Beach to have it properly removed. If not handled properly, water ingestion will cause internal corrosion which results in premature personal watercraft engine failure.
Major engine rebuilds are available for all personal watercraft. There is no guess work performed here, everything is tested in our in-house testing facilities.
Winter storage is essential to prevent engine damage and corrosion by applying a protective anti-rust treatment to exposed metal components. Service includes fogging engine, adding stabilizer conditioner to fuel, applying an anti-corrosive spray to metal components, grease fittings, disconnecting battery and remove (if wanted), leave spare set of spark plugs and install customer's cover.
We repair all makes and models. With us around, its no longer necessary to pay dealer prices for dealer quality work.
Repairs and diagnosis are available for all PWC makes and models in our watercraft repair shop located in Newport Beach, California. Down time varies depending on availability of parts.
Our Shop
With over 2,500 square feet of floor space, we have plenty of room to accommodate over 30 watercraft at a time plus maintain a good inventory of performance parts.

JetWorks Workshop
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