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High Spped Adjuster Screw
Product High Spped Adjuster Screw
Serial Number SA-300
Price $ 9.89
Summary High speed carburetor adjustment screws to facilitate easy tuning.
Types OEM Yamaha Carburetors, XL1200LTD, XLT1200, GP1200R.
Product Details
A low and high speed screw adjuster is available for the GPR and XL 1200 with the emission capped 155 horsepower engines. These screw adjusters utilize a crossbar and extend beyond the carburetor body housing allowing simple, tool free adjustments to both low and high speed circuits. Simply drill out and pop out the pressed in plug, unscrew the OEM screw and replace it with our adjuster.
Note: Upon installation, there is a spring situated beneath the screw.
The JETWORKS screw adjusters are designed to clear the accelerator pump arm and lever and are short enough not to interfere with the OEM fuel supply hose rail of hoses.
Note: Adding adjuster screws constitutes tampering with the emission controls, thus these screws are intended for competition use only.
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