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High Speed Adjuster Screw
Product High Speed Adjuster Screw
Serial Number SA-100
Price $ 9.89
Summary High speed carburetor adjustment screws to facilitate easy tuning.
Types Sea-Doo 951 models, Yamaha GP800 models, Kawasaki models, Kawasaki 800SX-R, watercraft equipped with Mikuni "I" series 44-mm and 46-mm carburetors.
Product Details
Finally an end to the difficult and aggravating task of having to tune the high speed jetting on watercraft equipped with the Mikuni I series 44-mm and 46-mm carburetors. Even if you don't have modified carburetors, but just aftermarket spark arrestors, you will appreciate the ease of adjustment of the high speed circuit with the JetWorks high speed adjustors. Often these carburetors are mounted with the high speed screws facing downward and the carburetors are usually underneath the exhaust system making adjustment very difficult, if not impossible. No more flashlight, mirror and small screwdriver needed with the craft firmly on land.
These high speed screws utilize a cross bar and can be quickly adjusted with your fingers without the need for tools. Specially designed to clear and not interfere with the accelerator pump linkage and arm lever.
Typical models for its use are:
  • Sea Doo 951 models
  • Yamaha GP800 models
  • Mikuni "I" series 44/46
  • OEM Kawasaki Carburetor
  • Kawasaki 800SX-R models
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