Oil Mixing Guidelines
The oil mixture depends on the age of the watercraft and type of oil being used. See the table and comments below.
Ratio Oil Mixture Comments
32:1 4 oz oil per gallon fuel This mixture should be used when breaking in new engines. The length of the break-in period will be specified by the manufacturer.
40:1 3.5 oz oil per gallon fuel This mixture ratio was common for older watercraft that used TCW and TCW2 oils. It's really not necessary when using TCW3 oils.
50:1 2.5 oz oil per gallon fuel This is the normal mixture ratio for premix engines. This ratio may also be used for a watercraft that are within the break-in period if used in addition to an oil injection system.
Note: Most experts agree that it is better to err toward the side of too much oil, rather than not enough.
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