Choosing a Great Battery for Your Watercraft or ATV
Personal watercraft batteries are often subject to higher levels of abuse than those used in everyday applications. Lack of maintenance, rough water conditions, long storage periods and climate greatly affect overall battery life and performance.
The JETWORKS KB35XC gel-filled battery is unlike any other personal watercraft battery on the market. These ultra high powered units are maintenance free, deep-cycle, leak/spill proof and do not require any fluid checks or refilling. Because of their deep-cycle design they can withstand repeated power drain and discharging rates, yet return to a full 100% of their total capacity.
What makes our gel-filled battery superior to other batteries? The electrolyte is immobilized with a special gel agent, then a combination of highly absorbent micro porous glass mat and poly plate separators maintain compression over the entire plate surface. This allows for a denser, longer lasting battery.
What else makes our KB35XC battery superior to other batteries, even the ones that resemble the KB35XC is the way it is manufactured and the materials used. The resemblance is only in the case. We use a higher cost, thinner and puncture resistant separator. A thinner separator, along with a thinner yet stronger alloy grid, allows us to install 11 plates per cell compared to the traditional 9 plates per cell. A unique top flange locking system also allows better plate pack to case contact for increased shock and vibration resistance. Premature failures in conventional batteries are a direct result of vibration, constant abuse and neglect. The KB35XC battery has been designed and tested to the extremes.
One extra process that sets us apart from other so called maintenance free batteries is our epoxy lock plate system. Here the lead plates are locked with a bead of epoxy to the bottom of the battery case. This makes for a more rigid and solidly built battery assembly, thereby eliminating the constant flexing of the battery plates which ultimately causes the inter-cell connector to fail. These special processes and the more costly materials are what makes the KB35XC survive in extreme applications. Not all battery manufacturers can or will go to this level to produce a product. Their main objective is to provide a product at the least possible cost.
Thanks to the lead calcium design, the KB35XC charge retention ratio is very high, in fact three times better when compared to standard OEM types. These batteries maintain an incredible amount of their total capacity, even after sitting, uncharged, in storage for six months.
Leaks and corrosion build-up are now a thing of the past! The KB35XC battery uses a unique Gas Recombinant Technology construction method which gives you a totally sealed, leak proof battery. This systems one way check action relief vent works so well it releases built up internal pressure when needed, yet prevents air and water from entering the battery. Even when completely submerged!
High compression engines and high-energy (total loss) ignition systems are hard on batteries. Not to worry. The KB35XC battery cranks out over 300 amps of power with a C.C.A. of 275. The heavy duty welded cell connectors allow the high current flow with very low internal resistance and with better discharge characteristics than any other battery on the market, including other brands of gel-filled and dry cell batteries. The KB35XC also retains an average of .6 volt higher voltage throughout its discharge cycle compared to conventional batteries. This .6 volt doesn't seem important, but it is if you are racing a high compression, high rpm engine with a total loss ignition. These usually start to clip at around 10.5 volts, causing a loss of rpm due to random spark misfiring. This makes the KB35XC battery the perfect solution for all racing and hard core recreational applications.
25 Amp Draw
Standing Volts = 12.99
25 Amp Draw
Standing Volts = 13.28
Elapsed Time In Minutes Volts Elapsed Time In Minutes Volts Variation
1:0012.001:0012.04+.04vThis Chart and graph describe the discharge curve for the KB35XC versus the closest competition's dry cell. Both batteries were charged according to each manufacturers recommendations and left to stabilize for 3 days at 68 degrees F. A load equivalent to 25 amps was used. Voltage readings were done every minute until the batteries reached 10.5 volts. 25 volts is considered to be a high current, quick drain for a battery of this size. Your typical racing total loss ignition seldom needs more than 4 amps of current. At 4 amps it would take hours before reaching 10.5 volts
Graph Summary:
Battery Voltage Drop Time Performance
BRAND "O" 0:26:13  
KB35XC 0:33:06 +7:53 Minutes
Looking for the ultimate power source? Turn up the power with JETWORKS exclusive KB35XC Gel-Filled battery. We have the best track record in the business when it comes to reliability. This is accomplished through a rigorous series of quality control inspection and testing prior to shipping. Even our distributors who carry the KB35XC comment on the extremely low return rate, especially the one's who used to, or also, carry our competitors product.
NOTE: KB35XC batteries come with a full ONE YEAR FREE REPLACEMENT warranty.
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