What Grade of Gas Should I use With my Watercraft?
Many watercraft enthusiasts often wonder whether using a higher octane type of gasoline (e.g., supreme or premium unleaded) will result in an increase in power and engine performance. The fact of the matter is that using supreme unleaded gasoline over regular unleaded may not always yield the best performance results for your watercraft.
It is true that a higher octane gas can withstand more compression before detonating and that fuels with a higher octane rating are typically used in high-compression engines that generally have higher performance; however, nowadays, most watercraft manufactures normally set their engines, through carburetor jetting, to run on regular unleaded gasoline. If supreme unleaded gasoline is used instead, not only will you be wasting money because regular unleaded gasoline is less expensive but the engine may actually run more sluggish and not rev up cleanly due to the viscosity level of supreme unleaded fuel.
Keep in mind that this is not always true for all watercraft manufactures and some manufacturers recommend using supreme unleaded fuel. It is best to verify the fuel requirements for your specific model of watercraft with the manufacturer and where possible, stick with regular unleaded gasoline.
Text by Jeff Dangl, JetWorks Watercraft Performance Products
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