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Super Smart Battery Tender
Product Super Smart Battery Tender
Serial Number BT-112V
Price $ 59.95 (plus 20% off when purchased with any JetWorks Battery.)
Summary The super smart battery tender is designed to maintain and keep your personal watercraft battery in perfect condition throughout the year.
Product Details
The JetWorks Super Smart Battery Tender is the charger that lives up to its name! The JetWorks Battery Tender is not a trickle charger, but rather an electrical component that was designed to maintain and keep your PWC battery in perfect condition throughout the year. Once hooked up, the super smart battery tender analyzes and brings your battery to 100% of its total capacity. Once the battery is fully charged (14.1 to 14.4 volts) the battery tender automatically goes into float charging mode and maintains the battery at 13.2 volts.
The best feature of this little wonder is that you can keep the charger connected for unlimited amounts of time without the fear of boiling over, or over charging your battery. Simply plug the JetWorks Super Smart Battery Tender in and forget about it.
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Battery Tender Junior
The Battery Tender Junior is a fully automatic two-stage battery charger for lead-acid, sealed maintenance free and/or gel cell batteries. It's lightweight and compact in size, which makes it ideal for those hard-to-fit spots.
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KB35XC Gel-Filled Battery (Part No: KB35XC)
KB35XC Gel-Filled Battery
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NOTES: Fits perfectly in Yamaha and most Kawasaki watercraft. Other makes of watercraft may require an additional mount, which can be obtained from JetWorks, to support this battery.
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